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Caмbria's Wall of Fame ( Apr-Dec 2010 )

Howdy! This is Caмbria... and I-am-bored. I know folks you feel the same way too. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what or where to enjoy in this virtual world right now. Items increasing prices, stubborn kids, same lame areas, pico fails, fixing of cheats & bugs, premium gachas, name it! But see? Despite of all these, we still log in to our picos, check out what's new, chat with friends, burn money and all. Because we love Ameba Pico :)

I remember the day when my brother introduced this game to me, it was on April 3, year 2010. Everything was so simple. You can see people shouting for someone who'll go over their rooms just to complete that 9 people for a star, rooms were small, everyone's innocent & still finding out what's going on. Picos wearing AG clothes were like God, it was like, "oh look, she's wearing it" dang! But now it's different, you can't actually see what it's like way back then.

And now, before I lose my faith on this game, I would like to pay tribute to the picos who have been famous in this industry for the past 10 months of my existence as a pico player. They're the ones who, in a way, made themselves shine out of millions of picos around. Some of you may say, "Hey! She's not even on the top 30 rooms, she's not even on a clan, I don't even know him, he's not even in my buddy list" Ugh! I know troll! That's why it's called Caмbria's Wall of Fame. Meaning it's my list of picos who I think the most popular of all picos out there, some of them aren't in my buddy list too . They just made it! =)

Well here's the photo. In no particular order.....

Click to enlarge view

♥YUNA♥.。*・ - Room, Fashion - Yuna's Room Blog
sweet_mom - PicoPerfectPicostyle                              
Happy Clover - Fashion
Chocolate Pico - chocolatepico
chikemuri - Picostyle
Lukinas - Room
☆☉°〖Sεп₪α〗°☉☆ - Room, Carebears, Fashion, GRUMPYBEAR'S NOTE
Ora18☎ - Picostyle
e m e - Room, Fashion
venus baby - Fashion, Room
copico - Fashion, Fashion Show
emphing - Room, Fashion
The Hound - Fashion, Pico Fails, Fashion Show
Peggy Hill - Picostyle, Fashion
Catero - Picostyle
GIRA - Room
Rayna Skye - Fashion, Fashion Show, PicoPerfect
Camara♣Derie - Fashion Show, Maze, Fashion, Derie's BLOG
Lala CuIIen♡ - Fashion, Fashion Show, Carebears, Lala Cullen's Life <3
Gem Rock - Picostyle, Fashion
Mia From ORION - Fashion, Room, Vanilla Planet
Dear DanieI - Room, Fashion, PicoBoo
Little BoPeep™ - Fashion, Room
Logout - Fashion Show, Blogout
Servasius - Room, Fashion
peach bi bo - Room, bibo pico
Ms.性感Fumika❀❀ - Fashion, Room, Pinoy Riders
Pinkerton - Picostyle, Room, Fashion
Ðelacroix - Carebears, Fashion
Benry - Room
あゆ姫 「AYUHIME」- Picostyle, Fashion
☜Metty☞ - Fashion, Fashion Show
H ▲ Y L E Y - Fashion, Fashion Show
Ø739 - Room, Fashion
☆~Ruby Moon~☆ - Room, Fashion, Carebears
Rudy Further - Room, Fashion, Further Clan
goldirocks - Fashion, Fashion Show
★ iпÐλҺ ★ II - Fashion, Fashion Show, Carebears, Harmony Bear's Life
Κγοгі - Fashion
Nirvana - Room, Fashion, Carebears
β ɑ ɓ γ ♛ ɖoɭɭ - Fashion, PicoBoo, Fashion Show
jusun - Room, Fashion
KXTTEN - Room, Fashion, Carebears
el jenno - Fashion, Fashion Show, PiconPie
MR.RABBiT - Room, Fashion

And..... There they are! My wall of fame for  the year 2010. Some of you may say, "Hey Cambria! you're an idiot, where is Pico Name? she's so famous, she's the owner of that big hotel", "Hey, Pico Name has an escargot and he's a clan president!" and blah blah blah.. Calm down troll :) We're not talking about the present, we're not talking about who's making names, we're talking about who made names.

These people became popular in their own unique ways without even making too much effort, without making themselves popular intentionally, they're just doing their business, design rooms, make a circle of friends, join or hold a fashion show for fun, write on blogs and other fun little things. Unlike now, all you gotta do is to make events, make noob kids stay in your house and encourage them to find their dates there, (lovely <3) manage clans and require your members to add the clan name you've made on their pico IDs, hack casino, do headspin with an escargot at jpark1, wear flashy clothes and bang! You're famous. =)

Anyways, this list aint actually final, there might be some picos that needs to be here and maybe I forgot to include them, cos some of them are actually not that active anymore. I'll edit the photo and add it up if ever someone pops-up on my mind, =)

Well, it ends here.. Thanks for reading folks! Have a famous pico life... :)) Addio -- Caмbria

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Pico dances survey

got another survey for you.

I think few may want to answer this.

But here it is anyway.

if your answer is not listed above.

Feel free to react on the comment section :D

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Kerrang is Back -.-

They thought Kerrang's gone.. WRONG! He's freakin back to piss people AGAIN -.-
He's doing this since March 2010 and I think he will do it forever.
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Copico's Fashion Tournament

 Pyramid Style, Gimme a hug!! :D
★♥RevoniA♥★ made it to the top over Rayna Skye,

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