Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Become a Better Pico

Have a simple Pico ID

Choosing a pico ID is like naming a person in real life, you have to think of a good name. Since were in a virtual world, we can play with it, fictitious and fun names can be given. Your nick in real, celeb names, your favorite band, song titles, public figures, cartoon characters, anything under the sun, anything you like! Don't freak out if the name  you like is already taken, there are millions of words to choose from, you can also invent your own word, as long as you keep it simple and neat, it'll be great.

Avoid putting special characters on your ID, those will only make your profile chaotic. Plus, people will not be able to search you by just typing your name. There may be some characters the cannot be read on other's pc, those will just appear rectangular on them. Otherwise, simply use a name the consists of a simple A, B, C or 1, 2 , 3.

Click to enlarge view.

Try not to look so common

Creating your pico look is quite challenging at first, usually, you don't really know how to deal with the given  face parts on the 'change look' menu. Newcomers usually choose the best eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows and put them together so it end up like this:

That's not right. You have to choose face parts that'll look good together as a whole. Trial & error, it can help you get the look the you really want, just play on those parts and try to be unique.

(L-R) Valkyrie , β ɑ ɓ γ ♛ ɖoɭɭ, The Hound, ⌠⌡мы⌠⌡Сно׀о ツ, copico, emphing, Rex_A
Pinkerton, ☆☉°〖Sęn₪α〗°☉☆, Lala Cullen♡, jusun, Mia From ORION, Κγοгі, O739

Avoid Frequent Editing

Once you create and establish your pico ID or your pico look, stick to it. It's you. Major editing of looks and name is like making a new pico account. It is better to establish one constant look and be known. You don't want other picos to be confused on you just because they don't recognize you, unless you're trippin' :)

You can edit hairstyles, hair color, yeah it's possible even in real life; skin color, lip shape, make up, contact lenses, beard or any other minor changes which may not affect the trademark you established.

Aim for the Stars

You can tell what kind of pico he/she is by just looking on his/star collection that you can find on a pico's profile. Yes, that's one of the pointers. Since Ameba Pico is not a level-up game, we can't really tell whether a pico is a pro or a newbie. Though others make a judgement like, "oh you have premium items, you're a pro, you're great", No. Having real money in the game doesn't mean you're better than anybody else. There are some things that needs to work hard on.

Try to collect all the stars on your collection book. It shows what you can do, that you can accomplished something, you know what you're doing and you're better :)

Have a Neat Room

Your room shows what kind of pico are you, what your interests are, how you design, how you put things together; etc.. and that all show how you think.

Room Owner: Dora™

You don't need much effort in having a neat & pleasant room, you don't even need to have a large room, you just have to think what do you want for your room to be. If it's a home, you need stuff for a home, if it's a resto, you need tables and chairs, beds for a hotel, more blocks to make a statue or whatever etc. etc. That's how it goes. Avoid putting items that aren't necessary for your chosen theme. It's not like if you got a decor from a premium gacha that aint really appropriate to your room, you put it. No. If it's not suitable, just keep it for a future use,  it will only make your room chaotic.

Be Stylish; Avoid Overdressing

Dressing your pico is easier than decorating your room. You can wear anything that'll match your style, your interest & mood. You can mix tops to different bottoms, shoes to dresses, accessories, goods, hats & pins. This is actually one of the most fun thing to do as a pico, just like in real life, fashion is way of expressing ourselves and also, it can boost our confidence.

There are no rules for fashion, wear anything you want, be anything you want, you just have to keep in-style and do not overdress.

Putting all the stuff you have that don't really look good together at a time is called 'show-off' Stop bragging :)

Avoid Begging for Something

"No man is an island', yeah we need someone for us to survive, we get gummies from props & rings. We need others to do those favors for us, but, that doesn't mean were gonna beg for it.

Don't just walk in the park and ask everyone to props you or ring you, that is quite embarrassing. Keep your pride, do something; action speaks louder than words. Props everyone and they'll props you back, ring them and get rings too, that's how it is. Always do unto others what you want others do unto you :)

8. Try not to be so fanatic

Idolizing or admiring a person better than you is not a sin. It is okay that when you see someone flashy, rich or famous you greet them, you ring em, give food, and a lot more things. Make them a reference on how you will go on with your pico life. But remember, don't go to the extent that you'll gonna stalk that person every second of his/her life, like forcing them to add you as a buddy, be your parents, or twin or something like that.

Also, don't let any groups get in your life to the extent that you're gonna put their group names on your ID, you're just promoting the founders and you're not making any good for yourself by just being a follower, at the end of the day, it's your life, you can do something better than that, you can always make a good company even w/o joining. But if you really want a group, you can always put the details on your profile without changing the ID itself.

Avoid being a Copycat

As I said earlier, admiring a person better than you is not a sin. It is normal that when you see someone great, you tend to idolize and you feel like it would be fun if you're gonna be someone like that person; but you have to leave it there. You like someone, and done. Avoid copying; whether it's a name, a room, the face or even the special things that he/she usually does. Try to be someone unique, you're a different person, you don't want to be known as a second rated copycat :)

In this photo: VioIet

In this photo: PaperdolI

Be wiser

Ameba Pico Virtual World VS. the Real World; We wake up; we login, we go to school, we complete stars & quests, we work for money; we work for gummies, we attend parties; we go to events, we eat, we shop, we play casino, we sleep. Things we do both inside and outside ameba pico, those are the things that keep us alive. But it's not always a lovely weather. We experience calamities and struggles. Storm, earthquakes, floods in real life, lagging, bugs, errors & server maintenance in virtual life. Thieves in real life, hackers in virtual life, picos who steal other's account for personal interest.

You can always protect yourself from these kind of people. Just don't give your personal information, login details, email & password to others even to those you know well. They say hackers use a program or something that can steal anything without even knowing your login details.. Yes maybe, but we don't know, they're skilled and they have this knowledge and we can't really do something about it, you just have to protect yourself at all times, as long as you're not doing anything stupid, you'll be safe :)

Be contented on what you can get legally

We all love flashy items, indeed, it can make us looks better. But of course most good things aren't free, we need to work hard to have something we really want.

In this world, we need to put out real money from the real world to buy something premium, or go play casino and trade your dollars for an item, go do some free offers or play quests; those are the legal ways. Honestly, doing those things may not enough for you to acquire all the stuff you want, given ways may be hard to do, slow and unfair, that's why some picos tend to discover and try cheats on how to get easy -money to trade for stuff.

Though there's a thought that you can get good items without even spending too much time and money, never ever put your pico out of the danger line. Do not risk yourself on something unsure. Your avatar may get banned and you can no longer login your account if you get caught. Even though you can still see cheaters around who enjoy items they got illegally, it's not an assurance that you'll be safe too just like them. The best thing to do is to be contented on what you can have in a right way, protect yourself, do good; if you really want something, work for it.

Try to do something special

One of the great things we like about being a pico, we can do something we can't really do in real life. Here we can travel to different places, we can build our own mansion & wear anything we like. We can make friends in different races, attend parties freely, visit rooms, earn our own money and etc.
Though there may be a lot of things to enjoy, doing something great away from the usual can make you become a better pico.

If you're a fashionista, be known for being a fashion show host, if you're a good writer, create a blog, build a landmark in your room, have your own pico magazine.. anything!

Just be known for something else, you can always make yourself shine out of everybody in your own little way. Just do your business and try to be original.

Sunny's Kitchen by Sanji サンジ
Lukinas' Amethyst Cave

So there they are, ways on how to become a better pico. There may be few but it can help you enjoy your pico life in a more sensible way. You might find these ways hard to do, yeah, it's not that easy; me myself can't do these all, I ain't good, I cheat, I'm not perfect, nobody is. Just take these tips and try to do something good for yourself :)

That's all for now folks! See you next time. Have a better pico life! :) --Caмbria


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  3. lol. my friends changed their usernames into simple ones after reading this

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