Sunday, February 20, 2011

Event Makers

We love rings, we love props, we love showing our rooms to others; make them stay there, enjoy themselves there, feed them there & in return we get 'room favorites' & be recognized. And we can make all that with the help of the 'Event Feature'.

The Event Feature let us make a party in relation to our interests. We can put whatever we want in the title, add interesting topics, convincing words or place an effective marketing strategy to get others attention.

Events are divided into 6 categories; Parties, Room Decoration, Fashion & Style, Language Exchange, Make Friends and Hobbies & Interests. Which aren't being used at all times.

Event hosts make interesting titles and descriptions depending on their event category. They usually make catchy event names that may get seekers' attention. The goal may be the same, the aim to get rings or favorites may be similar, but they differ in style, gimmicks, interests & motives.

There are different types of Event Makers which can be categorized into 15:

1. GENEROUS - this is a type of an event maker who makes Food Parties. They usually let others in freely, let others eat all the foods he put out freely, make the visitors feel at home, props/ring them back & some other generous acts.

2. RING/PROPS BACK PARTY MAKERS - type of event makers who'll make events just to get rings or props, & promises to give you back the things they owe you. Sometimes they'll ring and props you back, others won't, well, as always.. it depends! :)

3. THEMED ROOM OWNERS( HOTEL, RESTO, HOSPITAL, SCHOOL, CHURCH, MARKET, SALON, MAZE etc. ) - hosts who usually own large and expensive themed rooms. They make parties and let others stay in their rooms as long as they want to. They host events even if they're far away, playing casino or strolling at the park. Some of them hire noobs who'll play as the room manager while they're not there. They don't actually want to jive with their visitors, they just need them. :)

4. FASHION & BEAUTY LOVERS - event hosts that hold pageants and fashion shows. Their rooms are spacious, usually filled with arranged blocks for the participants to step on. Some even do have elimination rounds, question & answer portion, rewarding of foods & etc. By this way, visitors will stay in their rooms longer than the usual.

5. NATIONALISTIC - event host who loves to make events about their own country. They make events exclusively for their race only. Event names are written in their languages, no any other people except their kind can understand what the event's all about, and sometimes, if you're not invited, you'll be kicked. Lovely :)

 6. MATCHMAKERS - events hosts that'll encourage you to find your lovers there. Their room's like a dating place where you can find your "Pico sweetheart". This is one of the most used event making style cos it attracts seekers' searching for a companion. I'm not sure if that works well. :)

7. LIARS - event makers who usually make FAKE food parties. They make kids drool over tons of food, get rings, props and after that, leave. Others stay but they'll just piss the visitors, they usually make promises that they'll let them in after 4, 3 rings or so, and after they get what they want, they laugh, sometimes they kick & done. All lies :)

There are also event hosts who'll make visitors believe that they can give them free AGs, tokens, casino dollars & pets. Some of them may say Happy Oliver is there just for you to go in :)

8.PERVS - hosts who make unpleasant adult room parties like sex parties, lesbian parties, gay sex room parties, you name it! You can see how horny they are as you read their event titles. This may be very attractive to those seekers of the same kind.

9. TWITTERS - hosts who use the event feature just to shout what they want to say. They even use it to talk to their online buddies by checking the 'send notification box'.

10. EVENTS 24/7 - event hosts who remake their events every minute, every second of their pico lives, LITERALLY! :) This is to make their rooms updated at all times resulting to countless visits, rings & favorites.

11. WEIRDOS - hosts who create weird & unusual events. Some of their events may be funny & intriguing, but most of the time it's hilarious! Totally extraordinary. You can't even imagine what the hell is going on inside. All you gotta say is, WHAT?!

12. LOST KIDS - event hosts who usually own 8x8 rooms. Bahaha!! :P Nah.. Kidding aside, they're the ones who make events just to find a mom, a dad, a  brother, a sister, an uncle, an aunt, you name it! Lame kids

13. LONELY HEARTS - hosts who make events to find a lover. Some of them usually indicate 'smexy, hot, cute, rich, pretty' along with their event titles to let seekers know what they're looking for.

14. FTWs - hosts who make events "For the Win!". Their event names usually go straight to the point directly saying "FAVORITE MY ROOM" or " Add my room to your favorites". Polite FTWs put 'please' of 'thanks' along with the event title. This may be so effective for some, cos seekers already know what you want them to do for you before entering your room, the room just have to be deserving & also as the owner, you have to be nice. :)

15. ALIENS - hosts who make extremely 'out of this world events'. You'll have no clue about what the fuck is going on in their rooms. Titles & descriptions are filled with stuff we don't really care about, aren't even interesting & nonsense. Weirdos are far more better than these guys, cos atleast we can still understand what the hell those weirdos' are talking about even if it's so damn weird.. but this?! Ugh! Jesus, i give up! -.- Maybe it's because of the grammar? we dunno!, I'm just sayin' ;)

Event making aint about bragging, bullying or something, it aint just about showing what you have, it aint all about the race to the Top30, it's not about how many food you can put out, how big your room is, how many fans can you get or how much more respects can you gain, it's more on about sharing what you can share to others. You don't need to make lies or freakin' fakey nonsense events just for you to shine, you just have to be good in everything you do. Rings, props & room favorites are just a fruit of your hard work, perseverance & goodness. Use the event feature to spread the love, fun & generosity.

Enjoy and have a wonderful pico life! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Picostyle Experience

Howdy folks! This is Caмbria and I'd like to share a wonderful experience to you :)

Picostyle is indeed the mother of all Pico blogs. There you can find anything you need to know about being a Pico. Cool rooms, fashion, avatars, fun stories, experiences, profiles, commentaries, items, events, helpful tips, everything! They're even posting about Ameba Pigg and other fun stuff outside Pico world.

Last Feb 6-12, they launched LOVE WEEK. They invited their readers to submit a Love Note, talking about what you love being a Pico.

I sent a letter to Catero saying that I'm sending an entry for them & he politely replied to me approving my post :)

Two days after, when I logged in my blogger account, I saw my entry on my news feed, I was like "Hey!!, my entry is on Picostyle!!!" :)

Here it is:

Now I know what it feels like being a Picostyler. I'm glad I've been a part of it and I'll never stop being a reader, a follower & a fan :)

I'd like to send a special thanks to Catero who's been very accomodating and nice to me and other fellow guest bloggers. Thanks Picostyle & More Power!!! :)

P.S. : In relation to my blog post, I made it to the top 10 winners of the Romantic Valentine's Day Photo Contest. Thanks to those who congratulate me! :)

Love lots, Caмbria :)