Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Another Room Copycat

Okay, so what is she trying to build there?
Is it just me or this girl is trying to copy the construction of my room.
Okay whatever -.-
--- You have moved to  ☆~HOME SWEET HOME! ~☆
(10:09) Caмbria: this room's familiar
(10:09) Caмbria: lol
(10:09) ๖ۜ♥BubBL3๖ۜ♥: sorry my pc loads slow
(10:09) ๖ۜ♥BubBL3๖ۜ♥: huhh?
(10:09) Caмbria: and the stairs
(10:10) ๖ۜ♥BubBL3๖ۜ♥: ohhh copied it from my friend
(10:10) ๖ۜ♥BubBL3๖ۜ♥: xD
(10:10) ๖ۜ♥BubBL3๖ۜ♥: shhh
(10:10) Caмbria: lol
(10:10) ๖ۜ♥BubBL3๖ۜ♥: hehe
(10:10) Caмbria: hmm
(10:10) Caмbria: seems like my room
(10:10) ๖ۜ♥BubBL3๖ۜ♥: u think so?
(10:11) Caмbria: yeah
(10:11) ๖ۜ♥BubBL3๖ۜ♥: cool
(10:11) ๖ۜ♥BubBL3๖ۜ♥: i need more gummies
--- You have moved to Cradle of Filth


  1. yeah.. and i guess she's not done copying yet.. she said she needs more gummies -.-

  2. >:l only difference is She's light and your dark i think she will copythe top :P oOh and she copy her friend's and her friend copy's u !

    /conf :l

  3. lol.. we don't know the truth. she was sitting on my front doorway for like half an hour, i thought she just rang me.. >:/

  4. LOL. I hate copycats. It's sad that she can't think of any other designs to build.

  5. Don't worry cam, her room is cheap. and she's nothing.. so don't get bothered